The Heads Together Think Tank is the initiative of the CGB Centre and generously funded by the Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions and Vancouver Foundation. We are pleased to introduce you to our passionate and committed Board of Directors. 

Janelle Breese Biagioni, RPC, MPCC

Founder & Project Manager

Janelle is a Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling and she is the founder of CGB. She is an author and national speaker on the topics of brain injury and grief and loss.

Janelle has actively pursued improved services for survivors of brain injury since the death of her husband, Cst. Gerald Breese in 1990. The idea for this project came to her following her presentation at Brain Injury Canada’s Conference in 2018 on the topic of mental health, addictions & brain injury. The number of individuals and organizations who lined up to speak with her at the event spoke loudly to the need to provide a platform for this conversation. Janelle’s intention is take this provincial conversation nationwide.

She believes her greatest legacy will be her two daughters and three grandsons. Learn more about Janelle’s work here.

Lyle Biagioni

Director and Behind-the-Scenes Worker

Lyle is husband of Janelle.

Lyle is an important volunteer in our work. He never shys away from our endless lists of things to do behind the scenes including babsysitting, picking up and delivering items, or scouting out the best places to purchase items.

He is an amazing husband, stepfather, and papa. Learn more about Lyle here.

Myriah Breese

Director & Team Lead for Real People-Real Stories

Myriah is the eldest daughter of Janelle. She brings a wealth of experience from the non-profit sector. She is married and a mother to two sons. Myriah is a strong advocate for her youngest son who was born with Dandy Walker Syndrome.

Learn more about Myriah here.

Dale Breese, BSW

Director & Team Lead for Reinforcing Communities

Dale is Janelle’s youngest daughter. Her career has been grounded in the healthcare and non-profit sectors, specifically with disabilities and marginalized populations. She is mother to a son and recently graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work degree.

Learn more about Dale here. 

Victoria (Tori) Dach

Director & Team Lead for Rehabilitation & Community Supports 
Tori is the Community Program Coordinator with Cridge Brain Injury Services, serving survivors of brain injury and adults living with FASD, developmental disability, and Autism, as they journey to redesigned their lives.
Tori is married and mom to Wyatt and Luke, and step-daughter, Hailey.
Learn more about Tori here. 

Matt Woodford

Director and Lead Interviewer

Matt has recently joined our board. He comes to us with a wealth of experience, including working in the brain injury community with complex clients who live with mental health, addictions, and a brain injury.

Matt’s experience in radio provided needed expertise for our interviews and videos.

Learn more about Matt here.

Diana Rahmany

Director and Team Lead for Research & Prevention

Diana’s career has been in health care focusing on health promotion. Her work and interests include sexual health, brain injury, mental health, addictions, and PTSD. 

Diana is married and expecting her first child in October this year.  

Learn more about Diana here. 

Jessica Gelowsky

Director & Committee Member for Reinforcing Communities

Jessica has been a long-time supporter in the brain injury community. She has volunteered for six years with the Survive Strive Thrive Brain Injury Conference, an initiative of The Cridge Centre for the Family. She has recently joined the CGB board of directors.

Learn more about Jessica here.

Shirley Johnson

Director and Editorial Coordinator

Shirley has extensive personal and volunteer experience in traumatic life losses, specifically in brain injury and family death. Her son, Trevor, suffered a traumatic brain injury in 1988 from a motor vehicle crash. In 2009, Trevor lost his life from an interaction of newly prescribed medication. Shirley dedicated 21 years to advocating for her son’s services and others.

Learn more about Shirley here.